New technologies for visually impaired people.

What we aim to do

Innovative products

New technologies are now everywhere in our everyday life. We believe that we can do better adapted equipments by building more innovative products.

Specialized services

We know each visual disease is different. Therefore it is important to provide a collection of features so people can use only those that match their needs.

Intuitive interfaces

Providing an intuitive experience is important when you design a product that will be used everyday.

Each visual disease is different ; we take that into account.

Our vision

We think adapted equipments currently available for visual impaired people are outdated :

  • they offer generic features for all visual diseases ;
  • they are often based on deprecated┬átechnologies ;
  • they are not enjoyable to use ;
  • they are expensive and non-upgradeable.

When we look at the technological products that you can purchase today it is obvious that we can do better and propose modern products which will take-up today’s challenges.

Our solution

We design all our products to have a block-based architecture. We build each block to solve a specific problem caused by different disease (for example, field of view alteration, glare, reduced visual acuity, etc.). Then, you can choose only the features you need to have a product that perfectly fits your needs. The economical model that we use for our software blocks is a subscription model so you don’t have to re-purchase a licence after several years : your software is always up-to-date as long as you maintain your subscription.

Our ressources

Cutting edge engineering

Our products are based on the latest technologies, such as smartphone APIs and Virtual Reality. We constantly try to be consistent with the way that we experience technological software and hardware today to make the use of our products easier.

Experienced people

The LumisVision’s team is sensitive and concerned by the issues caused by disabilities. In fact, the Lumis project was initiated because its founder, who is visual impaired, has confronted his needs for autonomy and his knowledge in new technologies.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about Lumis Vision.