Introducing LumisApp

The innovative solution that gives more autonomy to visual impaired people.

Adapted to your needs

LumisApp is a block-based iOS application. Each block is designed to match the neeeds of a particular visual disease. You can activate and desactivate the different blocks on-the-fly depending on your needs.

Evolutive application

The application is evolving with you. By suscribing to our program, you are sure that your application is always up-to-date !

Ask for customized features

If you don’t find the feature you need in our library don’t worry : you can contact us to specify your demand. We will do our best to design an integrate a new block which could answer your demand.


Designed for Virtual Reality headsets

LumisApp is a standalone application that can be used as a digital magnifier. Nevertheless, it is specifically designed to work in tandem with a Virtual Reality headset for smartphone.

Subscription model

By enrolling our program, you can subscribe only to the blocks that you want. Your application is always up-to-date with no extra fee.

30-days trial session

We know the importance of experimenting a feature to know if it matches exactly what you expected. Therefore, we offer you a 30-days free trial session for each block in our library.

Boost the field of view of you adapted content with LumisApp & VR Headset.

LumisApp & VR Headset – 100°

When using LumisApp with a Virtual Reality heaset, you can scale your field of view up to 100°, three times more than with the other solutions !

15" laptop at 60cm – 30°

That is the field of view that you can expect when look at a 15 inches screen at 60cm. This occurs when you use adapted devices connected to a computer.

5.5" smartphone at 25cm – 27°

When using LumisApp in standalone on a 5.5 inches smartphone, informations take 27° of your field of view. You can enhance the field of view by using a Virtual Reality headset with LumisApp.

Our new prototype is here, ask for a trial session.

Focus on what you’re doing : your hands are free

When using LumisApp with a Virtual Reality headset for smartphone, you don’t have to manage any device to focus on a specified area : you juste have to look at what you want to see. That allows you to quickly look at a point of interest and that keeps your hands free.

That is really useful for practising artistic activies (you can play and instrument and look at a music score at the same time for example) and performing manual activities.

LumisApp is coming this year

Test our prototype.

We currently have a working prototype of LumisApp. It integrates the core functionnalities of LumisApp and a basic user interface. So do not hesitate to ask for a trial session or for new functionnalities that can be integrated in the commercial version of LumisApp.

Available on the AppStore this year.

We are wordking hard on the commercial version of LumisApp. This version will be available this year and will contains all functionnalities that we have precedently described. You can subscribe to our newletter so you will be notified when the app will be available.

LumisApp uses your iOS device at its maximum capabilities.

Video quality

Frames per second

Maximum autonomy with external battery

Video latency

What do you need to use LumisApp?


iPhone with iOS9

The application has been developped with latest tools available in iOS 9. Our applicaiton will be available directly in the AppStore and can be use in standalone.


VR Headset for smartphones (optional)

LumisApp is optmized for Virtual Reality headsets for smartphones, such as the Homido headset. It is optional but highly recommanded to benefit from the full LumisApp experience.


Remote for iPhone (optional)

This kind of device is really useful when you are using LumisApp with a VR headset.

Contact us for more informations.